In the News: Christmas Tree Disposal

••• “The Landmarks Preservation Commission recently approved an application that will see a TriBeCa building grow in height, but not in residential unit count. 51 White Street will go from five stories with 13 units to seven stories with nine units, in addition to office space on the ground and cellar levels.” The renovated storefront will be a huge improvement over the current one. —YIMBY

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of 78 Reade, where “a businessman learned an important lesson in 1888: Do not discuss politics in a saloon.”

••• As expected, American Apparel’s request to close its Tribeca store was approved : “The approval Monday by Judge Brendan Shannon of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del., means that American Apparel can begin using the notorious [?] yellow ‘going out of business’ signage at these nine stores, which include locations in Georgetown and Tribeca, during the next two weeks. Although the company hasn’t yet begun the aggressive liquidation promotions at these stores, it has been running sales since earlier in December, it said in court documents.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “The Department of Sanitation will be picking up trees (please remove lights, ornaments and netting) at Bogardus Garden at West Broadway and Reade Street and will recycle them later. Trees can be dropped off any time from Saturday, Dec. 31 through Sunday, Jan. 8.” Do this! Don’t just toss it in the garbage! —Tribeca Trib

••• Shake Shack is introducing gluten-free buns. Now if it’d work on a better veggie burger. —Grub Street

••• Ràdio Web MACBA, from the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona has a podcast interview with Tribeca artist Robert Janz. Below: a work from his mountain phase, a personal favorite of mine.



  1. Technically AA also needs a store closing sale permit from Dept. of Consumer Affairs to post those yellow signs.

    “If you advertise that you are having a sale or offer to sell to the public merchandise in connection with a declared purpose (e.g., Fire, Smoke, or Water Damage; Going Out of Business; Liquidation; Loss of Lease; Renovation), you must have a Special Sale license. The sale must be conducted at the location that is being closed.”

    • Unless the fine is considerably more than the $50 license fee, I’m not sure anyone would bother.

      • I world think it’s more to deter perpetual “going out of business” sales.

        However, just for fun:

        2015 New York Laws
        GBS – General Business
        Article 29-F – (General Business) GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALES
        594 – Penalties.
        Universal Citation: NY Gen Bus L § 594 (2015)

        594. Penalties. Any person violating any provision of this article shall be guilty of an unclassified misdemeanor punishable by a fine of two hundred fifty dollars or imprisonment for one year or both, and each day upon which any sale is conducted in violation of this article shall be a separate violation.