In the News: Electronic-Art Conservationist

••• The New York Times profiles Chi-Tien Lui, whose Murray Street shop, CTL Electronics, segued into art conservation once technology shifted to digital.

••• The New York Post has a short item on the attack on Walker Street, focusing on one victim, presumably because he’s the one who filed a police report. (“Gay man says Trump slogan-shouting men attacked him,” is the headline.) I suppose labeling the man as gay in the headline could be considered relevant, since the attackers used anti-gay slurs. I chose not to because I think it runs the risk of people shrugging it off, consciously or not.

••• “A person had a leg caught between a subway platform and the train at the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station Wednesday evening.” The article doesn’t include the outcome. —DNAinfo

••• Sweet Nuthin’ Hospitality Group, which owns Weather Up, has opened a Fort Greene restaurant called Lady’s. —Eater