Seen & Heard: New Downtown Tour

••• Every weekday afternoon (and maybe weekends?), the Department of Transportation barricades Washington at Watts, to stop cars from trying to get to the Holland Tunnel that way. And then the barricades get taken down and put away. It’s ludicrous—and just one reason why the tunnel situation needs to be approached holistically.

••• Loved this 1864 Stephenson & Co. lithograph of Reade between Church and Broadway from the Museum of the City of New York, as included in Daytonian in Manhattan’s post about 78 Reade. One of my resolutions is to dig up all sorts of great old photos; in the meantime, do poke around the new database of Daytonian in Manhattan’s Tribeca posts.

J. L. (John Lawrence) Giles, Artist / Thomas Bonar, Lithographer / Museum of the City of New York (46.405.1).

••• The Downtown Experience is selling tickets ($49) from March 2 for its tours of Lower Manhattan. It’s a spinoff of The Ride in Midtown, where buses of people—facing picture windows on the side—watch performers act out New York City scenes on the sidewalk. Shown below is the route as of last November. At that time, according to Downtown Express, Ride president Dan Rogoski “said the company would take into account objections to the slowing down and stopping, and pledged that The Ride will have little or no impact on traffic and congestion.” (The bus will make three trips every day.) Seems like a mooner’s dream, doesn’t it?

••• Check out Nick Savides‘s painting, “90 Hudson.” And there’s a video about the making of it.


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  1. I really appreciate the Tribeca Citizen. I would like to see more discussion about the situation of the myriad of aggressive hawkers selling illegal goods on Canal Street. This situation very seriously impacts the quality of life in the neighborhood and I am really surprised that there is so litte discussion. Perhaps this new year would be a good time to seriously resume this discussion.