In the News: When Castle Clinton Was an Island

••• Tribeca artist Meredith Monk reminisces in the Wall Street Journal. Love her bedroom.

••• The blog Quail Eggs & Stilettos reports on her visit to Gunbae. Something I didn’t know: “One thing I thought was really nifty is the bench space for coats and belongings. I thought this was awesome because then our coats wouldn’t smell like Korean BBQ. (I went to a place in Chinatown once where they gave you a plastic bag for your coat. Storage bench is obviously a lot classier…) More restaurants should do this, especially smaller ones with  limited amounts of space. It’s really annoying when you’re sharing seating benches and people’s purses and coats are taking up seating space.”

••• “Activists from the Sierra Club environmental group projected images and phrases on the façade of Donald Trump’s 40 Wall St. skyscraper earlier this month to protest the small army of climate-change deniers the president-elect has nominated for cabinet positions and agency heads in his new administration.” —Downtown Express

••• “Castle Clinton was originally​ in New York Harbor, built on an artificial island and connected to the Battery by a small bridge! Built between 1808 and 1811 in anticipation of the War of 1812 to defend New York City from the British Army. Originally known as West Battery it was intended to compliment the East Battery (Castle Williams) on Governors Island. While it never saw action during the war of 1812, it was credited with deterring a British attack. Following the war, the Battery was absorbed by landfill and incorporated into the mainland of Manhattan Island and Battery Park. It was renamed Castle Clinton after Governor DeWitt Clinton. […] Top: City of New York Extending Northward to Fiftieth St. Dripps, Matthew, 1852. Bottom: 1855 aerial view by Illustrated London News​.” —NYCUrbanism


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  1. I’ve been to Gunbae. I think the blogger has it right. The food is good but you’ll pay a little more. I still prefer the places in K Town. They are much more authentic. But this place is good in a pinch–with Karaoke downstairs.