Seen & Heard: Parigot Restaurant Has Closed

••• Signage on the door for Ichimura (69 Leonard), where acclaimed sushi chef Eiji Ichimura, formerly of Brushstroke, is opening his own place. In November, there was word that it could open around now.

••• Parigot, at Grand and Lafayette since 2006, served its last meal on Wednesday night.••• I was excited about the concept for the new building at 83 Walker—a “cast-iron inversion,” with a façade made to look as if a cast-iron building had been pressed into it—but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. It’s cheap-looking contemporary Chinatown architecture that’s trying to pass itself off as Tribeca.

••• This sign on a sidewalk shed on the east side of Cortlandt Alley caught my eye….

Because good luck with that.

••• Watch out for the codger in Teardrop Park talking about his bucket list.



  1. Wait! Why did Parigot close?? :(

    I wish I had known, I would gone to have a drink.

    • I think the 10 year period probably means their lease was up .. and I am sure landlord was looking to at least 2x – 3x it. Another vacant space added to our landscape.

  2. I do not know what caused the delay, but here is the story from almost a year ago.

    Soho’s Lafayette Street will be home to a new French restaurant and wine bar, Commercial Observer has learned.

    Troquet will open in 1,100 square feet through a 10-year lease at 161 Lafayette Street between Howard and Grand Streets. The asking rent was $16,000 per month, according to Bertwood Realty, which brokered the deal.

    Le Troquet is the brainchild of three childhood friends from France: Thomas Olmedo, who started a transportation company in France, Clément Méry, who dwells in Asia working as an executive in the hospitality industry, and a silent partner.

    The owners of French restaurant Parigot are retiring and will clear out of the 161 Lafayette Street space after 10 years to make way for Le Troquet. The new eatery will open early this summer and will showcase “wine events with winemakers from around the world,” said Bertwood Realty’s Bertrand de Soultrait, who along with Abe Bichoupan brokered the deal for the tenant and the landlord, 161 Lafayette Realty, LLC.

    “We approached the owners of Parigot,” Mr. Bichoupan said in prepared remarks, “not knowing they were thinking about retiring, but recognizing that they had had a great run in the neighborhood [and noting] perhaps it was time for something fresh and new there. Our supposition was correct and we were able to negotiate a deal in less than 30 days that worked for all parties.”