Seen & Heard: Stumped on Lispenard

••• About the event space at 144 Duane: “Apple did use the space to unveil its new iPhones etc to press a few months ago, which I attended, but they’ve done so at other venues and hotels in the past,” says A. “So I’m not sure that they’ve taken up a permanent residence somewhere. There have also been fashion-related events at 144 Duane—Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s fashion line presentation, etc.”

••• There goes my appetite. (A reminder: When you start a tweet with @, it won’t show up in your followers’ timelines, but it’s not entirely private. It’ll still show up on Twitter, such as in a search of the word “Tribeca.”)

••• “We are crestfallen on Lispenard Street,” emailed S., “as the city cut down a tree they said was destroyed by a car having hit it. A car never hit the tree. As you can see, the metal gate is not destroyed. It would be impossible to hit the tree and somehow avoid the small fence at bumper level. The city said it was dead. It was perfectly healthy. We want an explanation. A neighbor tried to get them to stop but they wouldn’t. Who should we contact about this? We always took care of the trees and plantings and really liked our trees.” That certainly is suspicious…. The tree looked healthy as recently as August, as you can see in the second photo, taken by Google Maps. And it reminds me that I need to do a survey of all the empty tree beds in the neighborhood. Anyhow, I suggested that S. contact the Parks Department, and copy CB1 on the correspondence (by emailing at UPDATE: A reader who had a similar situation sent me more specific contact info for the Manhattan Forestry group in the Parks Department. I’m not going to post it here, but if anyone out there needs it, let me know.

••• Walking up Greenwich, I was struck by how 70 Vestry will block light from the west—until I realized that the hotel under construction at 456 Greenwich will block it.

••• My destination was Salon M, where I go for a chair massage now and then—I consider it more of a necessity than a luxury at this point. Anyway, the rules amused me for two reasons: The only foods allowed are salads and pastries (but even they’re discouraged, which is correct); and the salon is having it both ways as far as service dogs are concerned.

••• The TV show “Power” is shooting in the Warren/W. Broadway area on Tuesday.



  1. Too bad. I liked thalassa and ate there semi-regularly – never again!