In the News: Mike Myers Bought in Tribeca

••• Actor Mike Myers reportedly bought at 443 Greenwich. —Observer

••• A charming article about people in their 50s moving to New York City includes Matt Sweetwood of Battery Park City. —New York Post

••• The folks who own Sarabeth’s bought Jane restaurant on Houston. —Eater

••• WWD ran a post about 180, the new shop/showroom on Duane, but the link is broken.

••• A report on Church Street School for Music and Art’s big benefit and the school’s future: “Community Board 1 […] has recommended that the City allocate $4 million for the bulk of the acquisition, construction and renovation of a new space for this non-profit gem. Council member Margaret Chin has thrown her support behind this initiative and is working to make it a reality.” —Broadsheet


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  1. Dial 212 555 faw faw faw faw cawl me we’ll tawk no big whoop…I’m verklempt!

    LOL @ the Linda The Psychic episode with Madonna as Linda’s Jewish friend and Babs (Barbara Streisand) drops in for a brief cameo.

    Yo Mike time for Wayne’s World 3 bro – make it happen!

    Mike was Oscar nomination worthy great as Steve Rubell in the fun, weird 54.