Tribeca’s Newest Music Venue

When the plan for City Vineyard, the restaurant at the base of Pier 26 in Hudson River Park, was presented to Community Board 1 back in June of 2015, I wrote in the Unofficial Minutes that “there are no plans for live music, except maybe an acoustic trio at brunch, although the Hudson River Park Trust is reserving the right to have musicians play on the plaza in front of the restaurant (and by ‘front’ I mean the side facing the water).”

Perhaps winter has proved a tougher obstacle than expected, because City Vineyard sent out an announcement tonight about “Voices on the Hudson”:

The glass-enclosed eatery will transform into a cozy, intimate music venue, featuring a different singer-songwriter every Tuesday and Wednesday night. These special shows will be limited to 100 general admission tickets (seating will be first come first served) and guests will be able to enjoy a seasonal bistro menu before, during and after the show. City Vineyard opens to the public for Happy Hour from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. and performances will start at 8:30. Tickets are $20 and available at

Unsurprisingly, since City Vineyard is a sister to City Winery, the lineup is impressive:

January 24: Michelle Shocked*
January 25: Bobby Bare Jr.
January 31: John Hammond

February 1: David Bromberg
February 7: Ben Lee
February 8: Teddy Thompson
February 15: Chely Wright
February 21: James Maddock
February 22: Ben Taylor
February 28: Amy Helm

March 1: Diane Birch
March 7: Lucy Winwright Roche
March 8: Joseph Arthur
March 14: Jill Sobule
March 15: Shawn Mullins
March 21: Ruthie Foster
March 22: Melissa Ferrick
March 27: David Broza
March 28: Mary Gauthier
March 29: Bob Schneider

The graphic also says Thursday nights are Riverside Jazz Nights, featuring Bill Ware’s Vibes with special guests. UPDATE: The subsequent press had this to add: “Every Thursday night, jazz legend Bill Ware will be performing VIBES as part of the Riverside Jazz Night series. There will be two sets with limited space available and a suggested $10 donation to the artist. The series will conclude as temperatures rise and spring hits NYC.”

*I got excited when I saw Michelle Shocked—Short Sharp Shocked is one of my very favorite records—until I remembered that I haven’t forgiven her yet.



  1. Yes, Winter has been tougher to cover our costs on the Pier. So, this series will go until the sun shines and people starting hanging outside, drinking wine, eating food, and enjoying the incredible views of Hudson River Park. We are lucky to have a great number of friends in our rolodex to call and put together a very special music series. In 15 hours, several of the shows sold out already which is very cool.

    Let’s not call City Winery a venue, please call it a really cool restaurant that is a cozy and rare place to see some music if your lucky enough to get in for the special shows. Thanks.

  2. So disappointing homophobe Michelle Shocked will be at City Vineyard…maybe I’ll have some energy left after the Million Women March and protest!

    On another note: I sadly cannot recommend City Vineyard. I had my birthday dinner there with my family and the food was just terrible. The service was tentative but nice and the host was chilly. I was so excited and think the space is just lovely. I spoke with a friend who had gone by there twice to find the venue closed when the website and sign outside listed it should be open.

    It wasn’t cheap and from start to finish the food was just bad. The only tasty item was the oysters which well, isn’t really all that reflective of the quality of the kitchen.

    Not sure if and when I’ll be back.

    • send me an email directly and we would like to invite you over again for another try of our food, on me. I am certain it must have been a off night. We are getting many many positive comments on our food there.