Seen & Heard: Noisy, Smelly, Messy, Tacky

••• The revised Community Board 1 agendas included this:

—Community Board 1, street activity permit for July 13, 2017, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Warren Street between Broadway and Church Street

I missed it because it’s buried down with the liquor-license renewals, which are rarely even discussed. As you may recall, I put up a stink last year when that (my) block of Warren had to deal with two noisy, smelly, messy, tacky street fairs, as well as a proposed third that was ultimately canceled or moved. It’s absurd that the block—which is almost entirely residential—has been deemed acceptable for street fairs: The M9 bus and the Downtown Connection shuttle have to be rerouted, and cyclists on the popular bike lane linking the west side and the Brooklyn Bridge run into a dead end at Church; moreover, we’re already having to deal with a new building under construction at 30 Warren (after years of work on the new building at 12 Warren). At a bare minimum, CB1 should insist that the producer move the street fairs around so the burden is shared more widely—something it should certainly be able to do for the fairs, such as this one, that benefit CB1 itself. (And I’d feel that way even if my block weren’t the one being affected.) P.S. One of last year’s street fairs on Warren was also for CB1.

••• Press release: “BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the longest operating performance venue in lower Manhattan, proudly presents the three-time Grammy-nominated Cuban music group Tiempo Libre on Saturday, February 11, at 8 p.m.”

••• “Just a heads-up: 40% off fall/winter clothing at Babesta,” emailed Jenn Cattaui. “Tops, bottoms and jackets by brands like Mini Rodini, Munster Kids, Nununu, Gardner and the Gang and Bobo Choses and more!”

••• MN Design Professional Corporation keeps tweeting photos from inside Tetsu, the restaurant under construction at 78 Leonard. Here’s the latest one.

••• Opening January 17 at R & Company: “Porky Hefer’s solo exhibition, Heart of Lightness opening at the gallery on January 17 from 6-8 p.m. in which the artist will be present. This is Porky’s first solo show at the gallery and a presentation of all new work. The exhibition is an exploration of perception and instinct, encouraging the viewer to go back to what is human, what is natural and what is playful. The title of the exhibition tackles the troubling connotations and perceptions addressed by Joseph Conrad’s classic, Heart of Darkness. Porky Hefer, who is from and lives in Cape Town, South Africa, is perturbed by the way colonialism perpetuated stereotypes that still exist today, which further preserve the overly broad classifications of Africa.”



  1. I do love those zeppoles, though

  2. Once Warren gets torn up there will be no street fairs for a while. But that is no consolation.

  3. They should put street fairs in city parks where they truly do belong.
    Have never understand the logic behind them.

  4. I kind of like the street fairs. It’s better than obnoxious car traffic, horn honking, and fumes. And I can stock up on socks!