We’re Getting a 66,000-Square-Foot Marshalls Store

The big retail space at 140 West—the landmark building where the top floors are now the 100 Barclay condominium—was once rumored to be getting turned into a Bloomingdale’s, and then either a Nike store or an Under Armour store. But now a lease is signed, and it’s probably going to be a Marshalls discount store. From the New York Post:

TJX, the parent company of Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, has signed a lease […] for 66,000 square feet [….] The TJX store will occupy a small portion of the first floor—plus two lower levels. […] The entrance will be at the corner of Vesey and Washington. […] TJX is expected to use the downtown space for its Marshalls nameplate, which had 1,027 stores as of Oct. 29.”

For comparison’s sake, the nearby Target store is 45,000 square feet. Also, the Post says that it’s possible Nike or Under Armour could still be interested in some of the ground floor.



  1. Let’s hope they actually make it a Homegoods instead of a Marshall’s. We already have enough clothing discounters.

  2. Agree, Courtney.

  3. Marshall’s will never survive.
    Target I get – Marshall’s never.
    How about another grocery store somewhere !!!!

  4. They’re nuts – Century 21 is a competition-eating black hole for clothes retail. If the commercial rent allowed it, something like a Dave & Busters (the horror, but still) would make a killing. It’s all tourists anyway down there.

  5. Marshall’s is quite the luxury amenity for the upstairs condominium owners.

  6. Why not K-mart, the store of the stars?

  7. I know that shopping at a discount retailer is verboten in posh TriBeCa, but I’d personally love a Marshall’s in the area!
    I don’t need to pay $75 at a boutique for a t-shirt for my kids, when they’re just going to ruin it playing in a local park, etc. It does feel a little like TriBeCa is being swallowed up by big box retailers, but I’m also secretly welcoming the convenience!

  8. Commercial leases are so expensive only the big stores can afford it. Or the big banks. Or the chain restaurants. I like some convenience but its changing our little neighborhood. Now we have empty storefronts and big box retailers and banks. ?

  9. Let us see how accessible this is. Right now the Street traffic looks like Death Valley.

  10. Hate to say it but makes perfect sense that Marshalls/TJ Maxx is opening. It’s highly attractive to the abundance of price conscious office workers and tourists in that area. Their profits are soaring past traditional American department stores.