In the News: “Gourmet” Chicken Finger Restaurant

••• “Opening next week at 21-23 Maiden Lane: Sticky’s Finger Joint advertises itself as NYC’s finest gourmet Chicken Finger restaurant. They use fresh chicken [that’s] antibiotic free and hormone free.” —FiDi Fan Page

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of 154 Chambers, where Tribeca Hardware is now: “A Tribeca candy maker owed his financial success to inventing a distinctly unrelated product: the toilet plunger.”

••• Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York writes about Canal Street, and the western end in particular, for Splice Today.

••• Uniqlo “is reported to be negotiating for 100,000 square feet at 23 Wall St.” —New York Post

••• “A female student whose name has not been released was injured in a hit-and-run accident outside of Millennium High School, in the Financial District, on Tuesday morning.” —Broadsheet

••• “Gateway Plaza Tenants Association president Glenn Plaskin was cleared of allegations that he threatened tenants of the Battery Park City residential complex on behalf of Gateway management by a state Supreme Court judge on Jan. 10.” —Downtown Express

••• Crain’s has an item about the steam vents you see around town. I was hoping for more about why there are so many leaks and whether it’s a problem.


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  1. I’ve tried the Sticky Fingers in the Village. Wasn’t that impressed but I’ll probably give the new location a chance.
    I posted a look inside the new MB45 on my blog this week –