In the News: Novecento Has Closed After 25 Years

••• “The original location for Argentine restaurant Novecento at 343 W. Broadway that’s been open since 1991 has closed.” That block is a wasteland; I think there are more vacant storefronts than filled ones, at least on the east side of the street. —Eater

••• Photos of Ichimura, the 10-seat omakase sushi bar now open on Leonard. I made a reservation and then canceled it; I’m conflicted about spending $300 per person before drinks. —Eater

••• The New York Times has a new recurring feature where art collectors talk about the art on one of their walls: “Monty Blanchard, president of the American Folk Art Museum, and his companion of 10 years, Leslie Tcheyan, a jewelry designer, do have one blank spot left on a wall of their Tribeca apartment—but just one. The rest of the soaring three-bedroom loft (including the bathrooms and kitchen) is filled with art.”

••• The Broadsheet takes a look at the newsstand business, in light of Community Board 1’s recommendation that an application for one on Warren* be denied. (*The Broadsheet says it’s at the southwest corner of Greenwich and Warren, but when the matter was discussed at the CB1 Tribeca Committee in December, it was said to be on Warren between Greenwich and West.) The city can still approve it.

••• “Help Wanted posters have gone up at the new City Acres Market coming soon to 70 Pine Street. This is an expansion of the original location in South Williamsburg (which at present goes by the name of Uptown Market, but may be renamed as well).” —FiDi Fan Page

••• DNAinfo has a 3-D map showing future buildings across the city. It may need some tinkering. 23 Park Row (blue) will be 53 stories, while 1 Beekman (the little aqua building at right) will be 25 stories—and yet the former is shown as four times the size of the latter.