Seen & Heard: Windblown Scaffolding

••• A reader who lives on Franklin says that a piece of scaffolding blew off the roof of 151 Franklin this morning—no one was hurt—but by the time I got over there, the fire department had departed and the sidewalk had been reopened. Be careful out there today, folks!

UPDATE: J. sent a  photo of the DNY response:

••• “The renderings never had ‘crowns’ but the builder put them there anyway and everyone is upset,” says Alan, who I presume lives at 5 Franklin Place. UPDATE: Lowphat sent me into the archives, where I discovered that the sculpture was part of the model at the sales office. At the time, I was told that it was by Roy Nachum.

••• I can’t wait till the city hires a consulting firm to do a study to determine whether the bollards at W. Broadway and Duane are working.

••• The Sleepy’s store at Church and Warren is now a Mattress Firm store (the latter having bought the former in a $780 million deal). Still looks crappy, though.

••• Two more TV shoots in the Warren/W. Broadway vicinity: “Power” today and “Bull” tomorrow. Perhaps the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment could give that area a break.

••• Nice to see progress being made at the 28 Warren storefront. I always thought the store was called Hidden Treasures—that’s what the sign said—but I see online that it’s Miracle Trading.

••• D. caught a marriage proposal at the Brookfield Place ice rink. She said yes.


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  1. A marriage proposal! How nice – put a smile on my face!

    I always felt so bad for the sales people in Sleepy’s. They were so nice but the space itself is so depressing but they must do business. I know at least a dozen people who have bought mattresses there including myself. And they have this nice pillow give-a-way every once in awhile…