Seen & Heard: Downtown Connection Route Change

••• As is their wont, the Community Board 1 agendas came out late Friday afternoon, and I won’t be able to post the annotated version till Monday. But this jumped out:

96 Greenwich Street, application for renewal of an adult entertainment liquor license application for The Pussycat Lounge Inc.

You don’t see a lot of adult entertainment liquor license applications these days…. From a DNAinfo article in early 2011: “The Pussycat Lounge, the 41-year-old topless bar on Greenwich Street that shuttered last year, plans to reopen after renovations, the State Liquor Authority said this week. Owner Robert Kremer recently applied to renew his liquor license and told the state he would reopen the lounge once he fixes up the building, the SLA said.” Guess that took a bit longer than expected. Anyway, it’ll be discussed at the Feb. 1 meeting of the CB1 FiDi Committee.

••• Seven solo shows open at Soho Photo on Feb. 7, including Shadow by George Greenstein: “City dwellers that we are, with light available at the touch of a switch, we tend to forget the terrible power of darkness. I want to show what might happen when we enter the realm of Shadow.”

••• As expected the Downtown Connection shuttle’s route has to be changed because of the imminent Warren Street reconstruction. (The M9 will also have to be redirected, although I don’t know if that will also be via Chambers. I couldn’t find a media contact on the MTA website.)

••• The Downtown Connection update first came up at a media meeting hosted by the Downtown Alliance, at which we were also told that the organization is working hard to keep the Port Authority invested in a one-seat, 30-minute train ride from the World Trade Center to the airport in Newark. Think about how amazing that would be! The best-case scenario, however, probably doesn’t involve breaking ground for a couple of years at least.

••• B. emailed about the bollards—or should I say bollard—at W. Broadway and Duane, and how they’re getting run over by buses using Duane instead of Worth (which in the middle of a big reconstruction project). B. thought it was Chinatown buses, but yesterday I saw two Academy commuter buses making the turn onto Duane. In any event, B. is worried: “They don’t just have to take a wide turn onto Duane Street, which destroys the bollards, but also once on Duane, they speed past like crazy, sometimes even racing to catch the light on Church. My biggest concern and fear is that we have two schools located on that street (JCP and Washington Market School) and one day someone will get hurt.”

••• Here’s another vintage photo, courtesy It’s the northwest corner of Chambers and W. Broadway in 1914 (where Acappella restaurant is now). Click on it to see it better. also sells prints and posters, as well as commercial usage.



  1. Pussycat Lounge renewal? That address is where the new Hamilton Tavern will be opening. Is it possible that they are just using the same license from the Pussycat Lounge for a whole new purpose? Is that allowed? Or is the Hamilton Lounge going to be a strip club? YIPES!!!!!

  2. LOL!!!!!! Good one.

  3. Cool to see the sidewalk vault “lights” in front. Also note the El running down Greenwich in the distance, as well as column in the middle of the sidewalk for El running along West Broadway.

  4. I love looking at that old picture of Chamber’s street. Pretty desultory area back then.

  5. I’ve never been inside the place but I think that even when it was the Pussycat, it wasn’t always a strip club. I know respectable people who went there for the bands that were playing. I used to get off the subway there sometimes 11-12 at night and the crowd on the sidewalk wasn’t scary or anything. It was better than the creepy construction mess that’s there now.

  6. has anyone filed a 311 complaint about the bollards being broken on Duane? The more complaints/notices filed on 311 the easier it will be for DOT to look at the corner again for a better solution. they cannot fix what they do not know…