In the News: “Piss and Vinegar”

••• “Piss and Vinegar: Two Generations of Provocateurs, now showing at the New York Academy of Art in Tribeca, is totally worth it, even if just for one artwork: a painting by artist Hilary Harkness.” That’s it above: “Nervous in the Service” (2009). “At just 25 by 31 inches, ‘Nervous’ begs for a lean-in, yet reads as an epic narrative with no beginning, middle, or end.” It does have tops and bottoms, though. “It’s an orgiastic Fleet Week fantasy, to which she has given each of the more than a hundred figures not only a face and body that is uniquely attractive but also a penis that is fully individuated in shape, color, and, shall we say, personality—even as each one is enormous.” —Artnet

••• Bon Appétit ran the recipe for Two Hands‘s popular Brassicas Bowl.

••• I can’t remember if we’ve seen this plan for the Elizabeth H. Berger Plaza in FiDi, created by the combining of two pedestrian areas. —Untapped Cities