Seen & Heard: A Coffee Cart’s Protest

••• Spotted by @hayathemal7shr…. (Note: The lettering has since been taken down, so perhaps the operator has had second thoughts.) UPDATE 2/1: Before posting this image, I had asked the operator if he was responsible, and unless I wildly misunderstood, he confirmed it. After a couple of readers questioned the veracity of the image, however, I asked the Instagrammer who posted it for assurance that it was real. Until I hear back, and particularly if I never do, we’ll have to appreciate it as art rather than reportage. (And another Instragrammer’s recent “Love your work” comment doesn’t give me much confidence.)

••• Lyons Den Power Yoga reopens this Saturday, after renovation and expansion. From the rep: It’s now “a two-floor space with two studios, bigger locker rooms, more showers, and a larger retail boutique.”

••• The GrowNYC folks say that in a month or so, they’ll have more info on what we can expect at the World Trade Center Greenmarket when it opens this spring. Here’s hoping they get ambitious: I’d love to see something even half as good as the Union Square one, versus one more of the same kind of thing we already have, so locals will be encouraged to visit the WTC area more.

••• Losers! Last week’s Where in Tribeca…? was the threshold at 81 Warren, formerly the site of the restaurant Il Giglio.

••• The reader known as Hudson River reports that the Ford store at the World Trade Center mall is open. “They have a big screen with subway departure times in case you don’t want to buy a car.”

••• Have you stopped to really look at the Worth Street reconstruction? Love the brick tube, which you can kind of see in the first photo.



  1. Won’t parents just love explaining that food cart to their youngsters learning to read!

  2. while I love the picture I fear the lettering is fake via picture software

    • I thought the same thing, especially when I walked by this morning and the lettering was gone. So I asked the operator if he had done that, and unless I wildly misunderstood, he confirmed it.

  3. I’m fascinated by what is under our streets- all the infrastructure. I don’t think the average person appreciates how amazing it is that all this is underground- that we have no “telephone poles” with hanging wires in Manhattan as the other boroughs have.

  4. There was a rumor years ago about a secret cow tunnel under a street in the neighborhood…

  5. Vulgar protests do not help; such language is a surrender to the obscenity of that which it claims to attack.