Remix Is in Hot Water

Remix, the occasionally notorious club at 27 Park Place, has had its liquor license suspended by the State Liquor Authority. The suspension lists 49 violations, including operating as an adult-entertainment establishment. As you can see below, it’s quite the list.

The suspension notice says that the operator has until February 22 to enter a plea, and “In the event that the licensee should plead ‘Not Guilty’ to the charges alleged ]…] the licensee will be afforded a prompt and speedy administrative hearing with respect to such charges.” If Remix does indeed plan on contesting the charges, it should probably start complying with the SLA directive to post the suspension notice on the door. (As of this morning, neither the Park Place nor Murray entrance had anything of the sort.) According to the notice, “It is further ordered that failure by the licensee to comply with the terms of this order shall result in the cancellation or revocation of the said license in accordance with the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.”

Remix had already been on the agenda for tonight’s meeting of the Community Board 1 FiDi Committee meeting, for a renewal of its application and an¬†application to expand into the cellar and get a cabaret license. In light of the suspension, however, the discussion has been pushed to March 1, and CB1 has requested that the SLA not move forward on these new applications until it weighs in. Tonight’s discussion will be on whether to comment on the suspension before the State Liquor Authority’s hearing (which I’m trying to find out the date of).