Seen & Heard: The Final Pieces of 56 Leonard

••• “I just saw an odd plane flying very low over the Hudson/west side,” emailed S. yesterday afternoon. “Wasn’t able to snap a good pic, but it looked like it had a disc on top. Maybe I am paranoid, but isn’t that a Sentry with a satellite dish?”

••• Behold,  the Friends of Duane Park’s ice sculpture of a groundhog from last night’s event. Thanks to M. for the photo.

••• The second floor of 56 Leonard is finally getting glassed (with none of the ugly aluminum siding, so that’s good). Bring on the silver blob!

••• I was walking along Church yesterday morning when I realized that this crane was lifting stuff overhead with no one managing pedestrians. Construction unions have been pushing for the city to adopt an apprenticeship program, but what’s really needed is a little common sense. (And the crane wasn’t only going over the sidewalk shed—the arm swung way to the south.)

••• Yesterday afternoon, meanwhile, I got caught in a snowstorm of Styrofoam pellets blowing out of 24 Leonard. They were all over the street, down to Hudson, in my hair, and so on.

••• The charade of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf reopening at 280 Broadway has been dropped. There’s a “for rent” sign up. If you’ve ever dreamed of opening a business under a permanent sidewalk shed, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

••• Speaking of “for rent” signs, I think the one at 61 Walker is new, which would mean the gallery rumored for there didn’t work out. (The last photo I have of the storefront shows a different firm’s sign.)



  1. I think I see a propeller in that aircraft photo, perhaps it is a Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye.

  2. I’ve seen those teeny styrofoam pellets once before coming from the roof or upper floor of a building on Hudson Street in the West Village. Anyone know the source of them?

  3. So does anyone know what are they building on 303 spring st right next to Sway ( Paul’s casablanca) they just put glass door and they’re making so much noise! i never knew what was that bulding

  4. Speaking of For Rent signs, there’s one up at the corner space where SuperLinda used to be. I thought another restaurant was coming in there.