In the News: History of a W. Broadway Building

••• “In his Tribeca office above a Reade Street saloon, Edward Earle Purinton solved everyone’s marital problems in 1903.” And more on 112 Reade (109 W. Broadway) from Daytonian in Manhattan.

••• Tribecan Bernard Lumpkin talks to the New York Times about his art collection, and in particular, a work by Henry Taylor.

••• “New Yorkers hold mock vigil at Bowling Green for ‘massacre’ victims.” —New York Daily News

••• “Two men stole more than $10,000 worth of handbags from Saks Fifth Avenue [in Brookfield Place]—and fought with the security guard who tried to stop them.” One perp was caught. —DNAinfo



  1. Hi
    I just want to leave a comment. I’ve lived in Tribeca for about 22 years but have been connected to Tribeca for 27 years. This is the worse I have ever seen it with dog poo on almost every block. Walking up Greenwich from Warren to No. Moore (south side) and walking up Duane street, Reade street up to Church has been a nothing but a huge disgust with the amount of dog poo on the sidewalk. What happen!!! Weren’t we curbing our dogs, cleaning up after our dogs. Do we need a watch dog to identfynthise nasty neighbors.
    By the way Duane from Greenwich to West Broadway
    and Greenwich from chambers to Franklin were the worse!!! Saw a women step on poo with her beautiful suede shoes

    • Thank you, Sandra, for having the courage, after 27 years (3 dog years), to talk so openly and brazenly about dog poo. It really is THE taboo (or tapoo) subject that we are all so uncomfortable talking about or addressing with our fellow TriBeCan’tBotherToPickupThePoos. We have to doo-doo a better job as a community with our CCTV systems. I believe the streets surrounding IPN are some of the worst offenders! Bad dogs! Bad dog owners! Let’s use social media to shame these poopetrators! Hashtag – Make Tribeca’s Sidewalks Great Again! #MTSGA!

      • North Moore between Greenwich and West Side Highway. Trees cannot last more than a year on this block. What to do?

        • Agreed! I walk that block every day. There is one guy I always see go there with his big, old dog. I always loiter around there with my dog and he eventually is shamed into picking up the poop. But it’s like his dogs’ personal toilet! Gross! Hey, mister — next time I see you I’ll take your picture and give it to Erik to post on this site.

  2. Having a dog park with something other than concrete would help. Uptown dog parks have sand or dirt which are nicer for the pups and easier to pick up poo. Just sayin’…

  3. It is even worse in Battery Park. Try walking across Warren Street, between West street and the river. There are just countless landmines of filth everywhere on any given day added to the dog urine staining the buildings. The Reade street stretch between Greenwich and W. Broadway seems especially egregious because it is not well lit and is a side street with much less foot traffic.

    Ultimately, this is a cost imposition on dog owners who are considerate and non-dog owners. One would think that collective action and a re-direction of costs to the dog owners, such as requiring all dog owners to be required to periodically scrub and clean up any messes left by any and all dog owners would be an excellent deterrent to those who behave badly and truly reflect the cost of dog ownership. Surprised this has not yet happened.

  4. Maybe talk to the precinct and/or our local officials and ask for a crackdown, complete with ticketing?

    I don’t know which disgusts me more – the sense of entitlement or the poo.

  5. While inconsiderate and unsanitary, I don’t think the precinct or local officials are going to pay any attention despite the fact that neighborhood is definitely more messy. Self enforcement works best…if you see an offender, remind them of the law and if you have one handy offer them a poop bag – don’t underestimate the power of “poop shaming”

  6. I have spoken with the Kommandant at the 1st Precinct since CB1 is historically barking worthless. He has agreed to transform and/or reinstate the former Mounted Unit (Horseys) with a K-9er unit to aggressively (with intense vigor) enforce the NYC pooper scooper laws, which will also proactively require include DNA anal swabs and IRIS scanning for both owner and their 4-legged poopers. Non compliance will be met with severe police persuasion! So yeah, we’re now going to know who let the dogs out….to poo!