In the News: Push for Local Representation in Battery Park City

••• “Three State lawmakers representing Lower Manhattan [Squadron, Glick, and Niou] have introduced bills in both houses of the Albany legislature that would require the governor to appoint Lower Manhattan residents to a majority of seats on the board of the Battery Park City Authority. […] Presently, local representation is limited to a single member of the BPCA’s board, Martha Gallo. Moreover, under current law, there is no legal requirement that even one of the seven BPCA board seats go a somebody who lives in Lower Manhattan.” —Broadsheet

••• 428 Greenwich is now on the market as a townhouse rental, which is why the “for lease” sign for the ground floor was taken down. —New York Post

••• “Pace University plans to spend $190 million to transform its fortresslike campus to better connect students with the surrounding city and draw attention to the school’s streak of growth. […] The project will start with about $45 million of improvements to the lower floors of 1 Pace Plaza and a neighboring property, 41 Park Row. […] In a second, more-expensive phase, Pace plans to add two floors of academic space on top of the western half of 1 Pace Plaza.” And there’s more. It’s a shame that someone—and I know I’m dreaming here—can’t come up with a masterplan (and money) for a rethink of Pace, the plaza behind the Municipal Building, and the area under the Brooklyn Bridge. —Crain’s

••• An article in the New York Post about designers turning up their noses at the Danish trend of hygge, or “promoting well-being through simple pleasures,” includes a photo of a room in an apartment at 87 Leonard that’s notable for having half a window.

courtesy Core