Seen & Heard: Two Hands on Film

••• The folks at Convicts, a digital media brand, made a short film about Two Hands Restaurant & Bar that’s premiering right here:

••• Press release: “Wanted to let you know about the newly launched tool, which makes it easy to discover, engage with and join the many protests, rallies and marches happening in and around New York City to resist Trump.”

••• “I walked past 350 Broadway [a.k.a. 101 Leonard] today and saw them putting up a partition in the retail space,” says a reader. “See attached terrible photo. If you recall, I had heard that a café was taking a part of the retail several months ago—maybe this could be the start of it.” Indeed. Anyone know anything?

••• The MTA has been occasionally parking buses on the east side of Church between Chambers and Warren—a block that’s already constricted by two construction projects. It’s just not logical.

••• Has anyone else noticed how avocados seem predisposed to left behind when garbage bags are removed? I see them left behind far more than any other food. Why is that?



  1. Avocados are slippery and the rats obviously don’t like them.

  2. Gravity and granular convection carry the small, heavy avocados to the bottom of the bag, where they fall out through holes torn in the bag or chewed by rats, who obviously prefer to eat pizza.

  3. Yeah, try living above Rosa Mexicana. Avocados and limes.