Seen & Heard: Another Dunkin Donuts Is Opening Here

••• Good news: Tribeca Upholstery & Draperies, which moved out of 103 Reade last month, has found a new space in Tribeca: “Tribeca Citizen was a big help as a number of brokers reached out to connect me with vacant spaces,” emailed Debra Miller. “I’m in a basement space on Franklin and Broadway. Access is not available except by appointment and no signs are outside, unfortunately, but I’m totally reachable via the same email and phone numbers (917-566-8559,” They upholstered some chairs for me years ago—beautiful work that has help up impeccably.

••• A Dunkin Donuts is opening at 303 Canal, between Broadway and Mercer, so that’s exciting.

••• On the southern side of the street, meanwhile, there’s a glimpse of old signage.

••• When Pearl River Mart announced its return, the plan was to open as a pop-up for the holidays and then close for renovations, reopening in May. But now I hear it’s going to stay open while the work gets done.