Seen & Heard: Nancy Whiskey Pub’s Golden Anniversary

••• Congratulations to Nancy Whiskey Pub on its 50th anniversary!

••• The Tasti D-Lite store at 74 Chambers is closing.

••• The reader known as Hudson River reports that the Pulia store at the Westfield World Trade Center mall looks like it won’t be opening after all. A notice on the door says it owes $300,000 in rent. Too bad. It was going to be one of the few stores that doesn’t have many other locations elsewhere. UPDATE: Makes you go “hmm…” (that’s a commenter’s name) points out that the rent must be around $100,000 per month.

••• Also from Hudson River: “Marbles: The Brain Store in the WTC is closing. 30-60% off. The whole company is bankrupt. And that was the one place that always had people in it!” (Well, that and Apple.)

••• Opening Feb. 23 at Cheryl Hazan: Time to Fly, paintings by Jason Craighead. “Craighead’s works emit an infectious, fervent energy; where every splatter, drip, and scratch conveys the artist’s emotional and profound spirit. Time to Fly references a call to action, after a year of immense personal loss, endurance, and self-actualization for the artist. Throughout the show, Craighead scatters references to his central theme with flickers of orange-yellow fire, golden halos and empowering words, calling his time to rise to life’s most recent challenges.”



  1. The notice appears to be for rent for 4 months (Nov-Feb), or roughly $75,000 per month.

  2. They already owe rent but haven’t OPENED YET?
    Landlords typically give free rent during the “buildout” so WTF?
    And $75K/month is “stupid money”! Who could ever stay in business paying that?

    • Playing on this intertwining storyline….

      Somebody certainly lost their marbles!

      The only question that remains to be answered once those tiny little orbs stop rolling is whether it is Going to be Pulia LLC or the landlord that takes the hit.

  3. RE: “Marbles”, seeing people in it does not mean they are making $$$!

  4. Let us not forget the official name of this structure is the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. A hub for people to connect to transportation with not even public place to sit and catch your breath. By it very design it encourages people to keep walking to their destination and not relax. Westfield and their tenants will slowly abandon this folly and the taxpayers will be left to pay for the upkeep of the vacant spaces.

    • Tourists could be the saving grace of the place.

    • They could convert the stores into apartments facing onto an interior subterranean courtyard.

      • The PA isn’t allowed to do residential. I remember this came up on the early planning stages when people wanted new apartments there. I believe both state legislatures were needed to change it. It would be an interesting new housing concept, though.

    • “taxpayers will be left to pay for the upkeep of the vacant spaces”
      this is a port authority space so taxpayers aren’t liable. theoretically, tolls and path fares could go up but there’s a long way to go from $75k / month to the point where the landlord won’t be able to pay upkeep.

  5. Will miss Marbles…