Suspicious Death at Jewelry Store

The police discovered the body of 43-year-old Omid Gholian, with two zip ties around his neck, inside the bathroom at World of Gold N Diamond, the jewelry store at the southeast corner of Church and Reade Duane. The investigation is ongoing.

“He was always so nice to us when we came home, always saying hello or goodnight,” says a neighbor of Gholian, who owned the store.



  1. It’s the corner of Church & Duane, not Reade

  2. Two brothers who ran the store. Family owned. Very sad.

  3. This is a terribly disconcerting and awful event. Having a business in Tribeca and knowing how many homeless people now live on our street posing a threat is just unbelievable.
    Calling the First Precinct is a waste of time, they said they can do nothing. The only police presence in the neighborhood is when they are giving out traffic tickets.
    The neighborhood grieves for the loss of Omid.
    Please let us know what happened….The gates were pulled down and Omid was killed and left inside. This is so sad and really unnerving. Our hearts go out to the family.

  4. Does anyone have an update on this?