Seen & Heard: State Troopers Are Moving to Tribeca

••• A reader said that there’s more to the changes at the New York State Insurance Fund building (199 Church) than a simple renovation. This New York Post article from June has the info:

About 150 troopers will be taking over four floors at 199 Church St., booting staffers of the New York State Insurance Fund to upstairs offices, sources revealed.

The start-up cost for the new office is $15 million, including construction, furniture, computers, radios, cars and other equipment, sources added. The annual bill will then be $5 million for rent and garages because parking on the street is prohibited in much of the area.

The governor’s office has said it wanted to beef up the State Police presence in the Big Apple to help combat terrorism — but the new base was really designed just to get under Hizzoner’s skin, sources said.

“This is only about the governor trying to stick it to the mayor,’’ a source said.

••• I always wondered why Le District didn’t have a station devoted to French fries. Guess someone else there wondered that, too.

••• The Warren Street reconstruction project starts on Tuesday. From the community liaison: “We are scheduled to set up barricades on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. The first stage of construction will begin on the north side of Warren Street from West Street to Greenwich Street and simultaneously on the west side of Greenwich Street from Murray Street to Chambers Street.”

••• “The Black List,” a TV show, was filming in the Franklin/Broadway area yesterday.

••• Opening Feb. 28 at Taymour Grahne Gallery: “Maia Cruz Palileo’s second solo show at the gallery, Dear, dear, dear, featuring new paintings, works on paper and fresco sculptures exploring notions of hybrid identity and homeland.” (Below: “Man with Escabeche.”) Also: “Follow The Crooked Path (Though It Be Longer), featuring new sculptures, drawings and paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Austin Eddy, who continues to blur the line between figuration and abstraction.”



  1. Regardless of the gov-mayor spat, makes so much sense to put state troopers in Tribeca, where crime and terrorism are rampant.

  2. How about just a nice “welcome and thank you” to these frist responders that will be based in or neighborhood and protecting the city.

    • How about asking the governor and mayor why 150 troopers are being stationed in Tribeca? I can’t imagine it is some childish Christie-traffic-study-bullshit-esque reason. Or is it?

  3. i just hope they are respectful of the original lorimer rich design of 199 church street. i have always admired the entrance and window hardware on this 1955 period piece.

    • Agreed about that building. If there is a silver lining it’s that the building will remain in the public realm, and thus, not likely be altered much.

  4. Troopers do not need permits.

  5. But has anyone asked the very basic question – Why are state troopers needed to supplement the vastly superior NYPD in NYC? NOPE! SAD!