Seen & Heard: Another Bubble Tea Franchise

••• Last week’s New York Times article on the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store at Brookfield Place was vague about exactly when it’s opening this week, but a @saks_mens Instagram post indicated it’s Thursday (Feb. 23).

••• A Vivi Bubble Tea franchise is opening at 325 Broadway (just below Worth), where Mr. Fashion used to be.

••• I believe this is the transformer that was removed from the Con Edison substation on Saturday (in what was quite the operation).

••• Checking in on the new Pier 17 at the Seaport District.

••• The TV show “Power” is shooting around here on Friday, and they’re taking up a lot of streets for parking.

••• Construction at the 19-story building underway at 353-357 Broadway (between Leonard and Franklin, but its entrance will be in the narrow dog-leg that connects at 91 Leonard) has reached street level. Am I the only one who finds this project really annoying? The workers are always refusing to allow pedestrians through, but they don’t tell you till you’re already mid-block, so you have to jaywalk across Broadway or return to the intersection. (It’s possible I’m just tired in general of getting ordered around by construction workers and traffic cops.)



  1. If they close the sidewalk without a walkway, forcing one to cross the street, there is supposed to be a sign at the corner saying as much.

    New York City
    Department of Transportation
    Title 34
    Chapter 2
    Rules of the City of New York

    Section 2-05

    (e) Temporarily closing sidewalk. A temporary partial sidewalk closing permit shall be required
    when more than three feet from the property line is obstructed by a fence. A temporary full
    sidewalk closing permit shall be required when a minimum clear sidewalk passage of five feet
    cannot be maintained for pedestrians.

    (f) Temporary pedestrian walkway in roadway.
    (1) The Commissioner may require permittees to construct temporary pedestrian walkways on
    the roadway when adequate pedestrian passage cannot be maintained on the sidewalk.
    (2) If a pedestrian walkway in the roadway is not required, warning signs advising pedestrians
    to use the opposite sidewalks shall be placed and maintained at each corner or as otherwise

    • Apparent lack of enforcement is interesting (as in awful).

      Meanwhile. The full sidewalk corner at Greenwich and Desbrosses remains closed due to construction at 456 Greenwich that is going absolutely nowhere since tearing down chad erik e-z park. The developer barely bothers to push dirt around at this point. They have allowed that corner to be transformed into a real hazard.

  2. Really happy that someone is mentionning the dangerous situation on Greenwich street at the corner of Desbrosses. It has been over 6 months that pedestrians who are trying to go to the restaurants on Greenwich street need to walk in the middle of the street and are in danger of getting hit by a car. What is the city waiting for? This situation seems only to permit construction workers to get FREE parking. Looking at it every day, construction work is not the reason for creating this dangerous situation. Where are the NYC inspectors when needed??? What happen to sidewalk bridges? PLEASE!