New Kid on the Block: Antique Garage Tribeca

When I stopped by the new outpost of Antique Garage on Church Street yesterday afternoon, there was no one available to answer questions, so we’ll have to be content with photos and menus. Then again, if you’ve been to the original Antique Garage on Mercer, you’ll feel right at home: The Turkish/Mediterranean menu and the rococo, antique-laden decor are the same. (The piano by the table in the window indicates there will be music, too.) The space—most recently Church Street Tavern—has been home to several restaurants in recent years, but it has never looked better than it does now. The restaurant started serving dinner last night; lunch and brunch kick off next week.

Antique Garage is at 313 Church St. (between Lispenard and Walker); 212-226-0066;

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  1. Beautiful space, but unfortunately this place will never make it.

    People are too price sensitive to spend $20 on lunch (not to mention $25 on meatballs) and $20 on apps.
    Theyll never get enough repeat business to survive.

  2. Looks funky casual. Prices are White Table Cloth.

    Looks Serendipity to me

  3. Great decor, but a few critiques.

    1) The operational costs are going to be astronomical.
    2) Not sure if price points were studied to the comps in the neighborhood. a $20 lamb burger? I can get a $12 one down the street in Fidi and $17 Bison at Church Publik.

    This could be a cash burner for Utku, but Im rooting for you!

  4. Looks lovely, but nothing much for vegans (or even vegetarians), and the prices are obscene.

    I had high hopes for some good reasonably priced Mediterranean food with some non-carnivore options, but no luck here. I’ll stick with Chinatown and home cooking.

  5. The food is delicious but I agree the appetizers are too pricey – I think they should offer tapas size and lower price points so people can try/share a few things. However I think the salads and main courses are a fair deal and the portions are big and can be shared. We ordered a meze platter, kale salad and two main courses for 2 adults 2 kids and have enough leftover to take home for lunch next day. And best of all, they have wonderful live music (piano, double bass & vocal) from 7-10pm even on Sunday night – that was such a special treat for us and I think it deserves a premium. But I agree I want them to do well and the pricing needs review if they want to attract neighborhood repeat business.