Seen & Heard: New York Vintners Is Opening an “Indoor Farm”

••• In the Community Board 1 agendas for March, there was a mysterious bar/lounge liquor-license application for 61-69 Barclay. I wondered if it could be for the roof of 100 Church (which is where 61-69 Barclay is), but it’s not. Shane Benson of New York Vintners on Warren is opening an “indoor farm” on the ground floor and in the basement. “It’s a cooking and wine school,” he said. “The same stuff we’re doing now, but in a much better manner.” There will also be a café during the day, with places to hang out. If Not Now is the LLC name; it wasn’t clear whether the project will have one umbrella name, but the various components will have names—New York Vintners for part of it, Quarterline for another part, and “just a symbol” for a third part, which I didn’t understand but it’s nice to have mysteries in this life.

••• Mark your calendar for the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour.

••• The World Trade Center Transportation Hub’s southern plaza looks just about done.

••• But the restrooms on the north mezzanine of the Oculus have been closed for weeks now. This might be overly cynical, but now you have to actually enter the mall to use the restroom….

••• From Tribeca resident Janet Li: “I’m starting up a business, Pilates Mamas, teaching Pilates to young children and their parents. We are set to launch next week on March 6 and will be teaching out of the Downtown Dance Factory. It is a place where baby-and-me Pilates classes are offered for downtown moms/dads and their kids. We have two classes, one for newborns and one for older kids up to 3 years old.” More at

••• M. M. De Voe noticed that Australian tea company T2 is opening a store on off Broadway near Century 21.



  1. Is the T2 store location at the Dey Street Headhouse of the Fulton Center? The windows are papered over but there is not indication (as of the last time I passed by two days ago) of what is going in there.

  2. Ah, OK, then it is the Dey Street Headhouse. Thanks!

  3. Super excited for the Vintners new spot!