In the News: The Ear Inn Is 200 Years Old

••• Grub Street ran an ode to the Ear Inn on the occasion of its 200th anniversary. (Favorite part #1: “It was under [Martin] Sheridan’s ownership when the tavern (formerly known as the Green Door because, well, it has a green door) got perhaps its most famous design detail: The BAR sign with half of the B blacked out—making it an E. That not only served as an ode to Ear magazine, a music-themed monthly that was at the time published upstairs, but also helped avoid having to get a permit from the Landmarks Preservation Commission for a brand-new awning.” Favorite part #2: “‘Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane came in and got shit-faced while a limo waited outside,’ recalls Julie Worden, a bartender who’s been tolerating the tippled at Ear for over five years now. ‘There’s nothing subtle about those two.'”)

••• “When [DanceBody] opens at 51 Warren Street in Tribeca, the massive three-story space will house two class studios, a dedicated area for privates and semi-privates, and a women’s locker room.” —Well + Good

••• New York Times visits the Municipal Archives at 31 Chambers. There’s a video, but I didn’t watch it.

••• A penthouse at 70 Vestry went on the market for $65 million. Recently, a penthouse there listed for $50 million sold, but it’s not yet clear for how much. —Curbed

••• iHeartRadio’s concert venue at 32 Sixth Ave. is now being called the Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Lounge. It used to be the P.C. Richard & Son Theater. —Yahoo Finance

••• A guest at the Ritz-Carlton New York Battery Park says that a $40,000 engagement ring was stolen from her room. —Tribeca Trib