Seen & Heard: Roc’s Farewell Note

••• Roc’s Rocco and Stacy Cadolini posted a sweet goodbye note. And they sent me a bunch of photos from those “infamous Ladies Nights” to run as a post.

••• Just kidding, ladies.

••• Downtown Alliance made an interactive 3-D map showing all the forthcoming development below Chambers. (It takes a while to load, so be patient.) Whether it’s exciting or terrifying depends on your point of view. Below: A screengrab.

••• Allan & Suzi’s vintage and consignment store lost its lease on Centre Street.

••• Ataulfo mangoes (a.k.a. Champagne mangoes) are back. Found these at Whole Foods, but they’ll soon be at every fruit stand.

••• And “Power” is shooting on Warren again. You’d think that with the street reconstruction and many building construction projects, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment might give Warren a break.



  1. Eric, you are absolutely hysterical and hilarious! You got me!! I was freaking out which photos did I send!!!! Thank you for the laugh!!!!

  2. Any word on where Allan & Suzi might move to? That place is a cathedral of good/bad taste.

  3. Ataulfo mangoes already made their seasonal debut at Chinatown fruit carts (corner of Mulberry and Canal) earlier this week (same ones with the purple stickers). 4 for $5 the last I checked. :-)