In the News: Renderings of the 250 Church Reboot

••• The recreation of the closet of Sara Berman—mother of Maira Kalman and grandmother of Mmuseumm co-founder Alex Kalman—that was at Mmuseumm in 2015, is now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So the New York Times wrote about it again.

••• “Three thrill-seeking teens climbed a 15-story crane in Tribeca to snap some photos Sunday, only to wind up in police custody when they returned to the ground, police said.” Sounds like it was at 70 Vestry. —New York Daily News

••• Café Altro Paradiso is serving a fried-fish sandwich that New York magazine says is among the year’s best dishes.

••• And Paul’s Casablanca (where Sway was) is the “best dance club for 37-year-olds.” —New York

••• City Realty found renderings for the reclad 250 Church, which is going to be converted to residential.

(Here’s what the building looks like now.)



  1. We still never hear plans of where all these children are going to school.

  2. It seems a shame they couldn’t have preserved some of the funky bauhaus quality of the original building at 250 Church…I always liked the slab/window rhythm and the way the corners where the windows met were handled. Sigh. The new design is…fine, whatever, seen it before. A loss of character.