Seen & Heard: The Puffy’s Penthouse

••• Thanks to the reader who sent in better renderings of 14 White, which I’ve placed in the post about that building. One thing I hadn’t been able to tell before: The rendering for the street level shows a restaurant on the ground floor. That doesn’t mean one will rent it, of course, but it would seem to indicate that the developer is open to it.

••• Also, just to clear up any confusion: 14 White is at the northwest corner of Sixth Ave. and White, where a parking lot is now. Just to the south is the development, now under construction, of 100 Franklin, where there have been two triangular vacant lots. Here’s a rendering of 100 Franklin:

••• The three-story penthouse above Puffy’s at 1 Harrison is for rent for $30,000 per month. The photos on StreetEasy are worth a look.

••• A reader whose name I didn’t catch called to tell me that she and her son were upset to learn that Whole Foods is giving the Paromi Tea endcap stall the boot. Founder Paul Rosen said Paromi has about three weeks left in the location: “Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end at some point. It’s a pity. We would love to stay because the venue is doing really well and we have a tremendously loyal customer base in Tribeca and a few pretty amazing employees that have been absolute rock stars.” He noted that Paromi tea in prepackaged bags will still be available at Whole Foods. And who knows, maybe the company will reappear somewhere around here: “We’re looking for some pop-up space in the city that we can make our own home. I feel like we have a solid customer base built up now. The hardest part is finding the right space…. Fingers crossed we find something. None of us want to abandon the ship.”

••• “Ate at Blue Ribbon Federal Grill Saturday night,” commented en_b, “and although I was two Manhattans in, I believe they said they’re opening this week.”

••• C. is rightfully miffed that “construction cars” parked on Foley Square this past Sunday. Just because it’s a weekend doesn’t mean it’s not public space.

••• 3 World Trade Center is just about glassed.



  1. Blue Ribbon Federal Grill is opening on March 15th.

  2. Curious: WHY is Whole Foods asking the tea people to leave?