In the News: Library to Close for Renovations

••• “The Battery Park City branch of the New York Public Library will be undergoing renovations that will include a floor replacement, paint job, and brand new graphics in the stacks and on the walls, confirmed Anne Barreca, manager of the branch.They will be closed starting Monday, March 13 and reopen on Monday, May 8.” —Broadsheet

••• “The spotlights that illuminate Lady Liberty in New York Harbor seemed to mysteriously shut off at about 10 p.m. Tuesday evening. The sudden darkness sparked a torrent of speculation on social media, given its timing: the following day was International Women’s Day. […] The National Park Service tentatively attributed the Green Goddess’ loss of light to work on a generator.” —DNAinfo

••• “A cavalier teen who was busted for sneaking atop the World Trade Center, turned himself in to police Friday after posting pictures on Instagram of him dangling from towers […] over Central Park, Times Square, Lower Manhattan and atop the George Washington Bridge, according to his Instagram feed and an NYPD spokesman.” —DNAinfo

••• No surprise here: “Celebrity chef Marc Murphy, of Landmarc fame, is suing Major Food Group over its new restaurants in the Seagram Building—which will be called Landmark, short for ‘the Landmark Rooms.'” —New York Post

••• And this is from last fall, but worth a peep: “New York artist Trina Merry paints nude models against modern backdrops in breathtaking photos,” including 1 World Trade Center. —Daily Mail



  1. The BPC library gets all the love–just a few years old and already getting spruced up. Meanwhile over on Murray Street The New Amsterdam branch… its a dreary, sad little space where the childrens corner is abysmal and the staff rude and short tempered., It does however provide a warm and engaging refuge for many homeless.

    • Agreed. I love the NYPL, but no way does BPC need anything done before New Amsterdam, which literally has shelves breaking.

  2. New Amsterdam told me they are closing soon for renovations too – though I honestly can’t remember the time frame.

  3. re library re-do:

    Amsterdam did in fact close a year ago or so for a half-hearted sprucing up, but it needs a complete re-do. Glad to hear the rumor that it may be getting one. As it is now it is a lackluster place with a children’s corner situated so that the noise from it when in session can be heard all over the place.

    Another thing that could be improved is the re-establishment of the big selection of all the latest magazines they used to have. Now it features only a few hapless, ragged old copies stuffed on a small rack.

    On the positive side I must say that in all the years I have been going there — since it opened — I have yet to encounter anything but cheerful help from the staff.

  4. Sorry Marc Murphy – Landmark isn’t Landmarc. Are you going to start suing all Mark Murphy’s?

  5. Based on trademark law, landmark and landmarc for restaurant services would be viewed the same and Marc Murphy will probably prevail.

  6. Marc murphy should be sued for the way he treats people. Laughable lawsuit.