In the News: Second Hawk Dead in City Hall Park

••• “The Lightstone Group secured a $305 million loan to build an 800-foot-tall condo tower […] at 130 William. […] Lightstone aims to sell units at an average of about $2,000 per square foot, a high price tag but still below the $3,000-plus per foot that other luxury projects are seeking. Half of the building will also be comprised of studios and one bedrooms, smaller apartments that will carry a lower price and will be accessible to a broad range of buyers.” —Crain’s

••• “The first corpse was found near the tip of City Hall Park in January—the body of a red-tailed hawk that had dropped dead from some high spot onto the sidewalk. On Friday, a second corpse appeared: Another red-tailed hawk was spotted dead in a tree behind City Hall, not far from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s second-floor office window. What is killing the hawks of City Hall? Theories abounded.” It’s the rat poison, folks. —New York Times

••• “Ever since the demolition of the parish house at Trinity Church was finished last August, the pedestrian footbridge across Trinity Place connecting the church and the parish house has ended in midair.” —New York Times

••• At a Guggenheim benefit, fashion designer “Wes Gordon and his partner, Paul Arnhold, mentioned at dinner how they were ready to trade in their Tribeca apartment for something on Park Avenue. Catherine Smith—the entrepreneur behind e-commerce site Plan de Ville—is two steps ahead of the pack. ‘I recently moved up here from Tribeca, and it’s really nice,’ she said.” —Vogue

••• “Women who help build and shape the country’s transportation infrastructure are being celebrated in a new Lower Manhattan photography exhibit. Called “Women Can Build” […] The outdoor exhibit, launched to coincide with March’s Women’s History Month designation, is on view in two different locations, at Water Street and Gouverneur Lane and at the corner of Water Street and Pearl Street, through May 15.” Below: Elisangela Oliveira,  NYC Department of Transportation a bridge painter, photographed by Deanne Fitzmaurice. —DNAinfo