NBA Teams Are Practicing Down Here

I was walking to the swimming pool this morning—you don’t get a bod like this by sitting around eating Croissan’wiches—when I noticed that there were once again curtains drawn over the windows of Asphalt Green Battery Park City’s basketball court. My first thought was that it was to protect kids from being ogled by creepy people on the sidewalk, but then why would the pool be exposed? So I asked a staffer, and the answer was extremely interesting: Basketball teams, professional and college (if there’s still a distinction there), stay at the Conrad Hotel and rent the court to practice when they’re in town to play a game. The Detroit Pistons were there yesterday before a game against the Brooklyn Nets, but many other teams also utilize the court. I’d wager that the curtains get drawn to prevent spies from seeing what they’re up to, rather than for crowd control.


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  1. Miami Heat stay there as well when they play in brooklyn.