No Ribs for You

Tribeca’s Cornerstone has been closed since February 16, initially for Con Edison repairs; unfortunately, it’s not reopening anytime soon. “Supposedly another month,” says owner Sasha Zielin. “Just waiting on more permits and paperwork. While we’re waiting, we’re doing some improvements to the kitchen and to the menu.” Here’s hoping it gets done well before that. (P.S. Every time I walk by the restaurant, I’m reminded of the part in Prince’s “Gett Off” when, after welcoming a lady friend to his “paisley crib,” he offers her something to eat. “Ribs!” she yells.)



  1. We miss you corner stone !! Can’t wait till you open back !!

  2. I tried this place once many years ago and the chicken was baked to the point of shoe leather. I never went back. Am I missing a good place? Did I catch them on a bad day?

  3. Can’t wait for them to reopen. Quick and easy dinner option.