Seen & Heard: Secret Service Limousine

••• A reader spotted a Secret Service limo on Harrison on Friday. “I saw two agents and one of the them asked a livery driver to back up and give them some space. I’m not sure who it could have been.”

••• After having signs that read both “Soho Pharmacy” and “Tribeca Pharmacy” for a while now, the pharmacy at Sixth and Walker is officially becoming Tribeca Pharmacy. The guy I spoke with said they’d been waiting for the permits to go through. I said I had hoped that the cool mortar-and-pestle sign would be preserved, but he said it was a goner.

••• The stone facade of 70 Vestry has started being applied. (Thanks to Archie for the first photo.) The 70 Vestry site calls it stone, but I wondered how they could be putting it up so fast. See the second pic: The stone is a few inches thick and backed by concrete, and it comes in large panels.

••• “UJLP” is shooting Monday in the Reade/Church area. The U and the P stand probably for “untitled” and “project.” So maybe Jennifer Lawrence? Or Jennifer Lopez? UPDATE: It’s a TV show by director Jenny Lumet, says @OLV. From IMDB: “An elite team of investigators for the Northeast Regional U.S. Hate Crimes Unit solve a myriad of crimes against humanity as they confront their own biases.”

••• Outlaw Glass opens March 30 at Apexart: “As cannabis legalization takes root and spreads, much of the media discussion surrounding this societal sea-change has focused on the economics or the politics involved. But how will ending the War on Weed transform us culturally? The hottest hot take seems to be ‘marijuana is going mainstream,’ an analysis that rather snobbishly presumes this cultural exchange will be a one-way street. So to better understand what authentic underground cannabis culture has to offer, Outlaw Glass examines work from leading “functional” glass artists and traces the history of this legally grey art form through its birth, the coordinated arrests of some of its leading practitioners, and on into a new golden age of increasing acceptance, and incredibly advanced works.”

••• There’s activity at the small retail space (most recently a newsstand) on the Hudson side of 60 Hudson.

••• After I posted about 56 Leonard yesterday, I took a much better photo showing the street level.



  1. Not J-Law; she’s still shooting a film in Budapest. Maybe J-Lo.

  2. JLo is in LA.
    JLaw just returned to NYC a few days ago.

    The number on this flyer is for the asst. production manager who’s last credit was Billions (which is done shooting)

    Yes, I’m embarrassed I know all of the above.

    • So who’s another JL? Jude Law? Could be a director, of course.

      • “Untitled Jenny Lumet Project” (aka “Higher Ground”)

        CBS Nabs Jenny Lumet Hate Crimes Drama Produced By Alex Kurtzman & Katie Couric With Put Pilot Commitment

        Associated Press
        by Nellie Andreeva
        September 20, 2016 2:47pm

        In one of the biggest drama buys for CBS this season, the network has given a put pilot commitment to a character-based procedural from writer Jenny Lumet (Rachel Getting Married) and producers Katie Couric, David Marshall Grant (Brothers & Sisters), Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin. CBS TV Studios, where Kurtzman’s new company Secret Hideout is under an overall deal, is the studio.

        Penned by Lumet with Grant supervising, the untitled drama is being informally described as “The Good Wife meets Homicide.” It centers on an elite team of investigators for the Northeast Regional U.S. Hate Crimes Unit who must confront their own biases as they keep the peace by solving myriad crimes against humanity while acting locally but thinking of the national repercussions.

        The project, which CBS landed in a bidding situation with another network, marks the first sale for Secret Hideout, Kurtzman’s successor to CBS TV Studios-based K/O Paper Products. Under that pact, Kurtzman and Secret Hideout president of television Kadin also executive produce the upcoming CBS All Access Star Trek series, which Kurtzman co-created with Bryan Fuller.

        The CBS hate crimes drama also marks the first major scripted series sale for Katie Couric Media. Couric has been ramping up production through the company, including the upcoming Gender Revolution documentary for National Geographic, working with producing partner Mitchel Semel. Couric also is producing a movie in the works at Lifetime about the water crisis in Flint, MI.

        This also marks Couric’s return to CBS, where she anchored CBS Nightly News from 2006-2011. She is repped by CAA.

        CBS has been interested in dramas tackling the tough subject of hate crimes. Two seasons ago, the network developed For Justice, about the Criminal Section of FBI’s Civil Rights Division, which went to pilot directed by Ava DuVernay.

        Lumet, daughter of director Sidney Lumet, started off as an actress before segueing to screenwriting. She is repped by ICM Partners.

        Grant, who has worked as executive producer on the CBS/ABC Studios/CBS Studios medical drama Code Black, is repped by CAA.

        Secret Hideout is repped by CAA and attorney Michael Gendle.

  3. JL-Jerry Lewis in the remake of Cinderfella with Joey Lawrence,
    John Lithgow, Juliette Lewis and as himself Joe Lieberman. Soundtrack by John Legend.

  4. The Secret Service was probably for Malia Obama, several neighbors have seen her and her Secret Service around, it was reported that she was interning at the Weinstein Company.