There’s a Pro-Trump March in Tribeca Today

A group of Trump supporters called America First plans to march in Tribeca today, having chosen the neighborhood because it represents “the heart of elite East Coast Hollywood establishment types such as Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and cop-hater Beyoncé.” (Pictured: An event last month in Washington D.C.) The march starts at noon at Tribeca Park, then heads west on Franklin, and north on Hudson, finishing with a rally on the plaza outside the Trump Soho Hotel. I have a call in to the 1st Precinct about street closures and security precautions—counter-protesting would seem to be likely—and I’ll update this post accordingly.

America First intends for this to be a monthly event: “First we take Tribeca, and then the rest of Manhattan,” member Beverly Wayne told the New York Post. They chose to launch it today because of the historic significance of the date. After all, there’s no apter time for such foolishness—and for fake news in general—than the first day in April.

Note: The photos are of real Trump supporters in D.C., and they were taken by Jeff Malet,

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  1. Well done! You totally had me in the first paragraph.

  2. Ya got me again! Happy April 1!

  3. Is Amanda Culpepper on the board of America First?

  4. Perfect, well done

  5. Again with the politics.

    I’m sure you were aghast about the last comment that mentioned the Tribeca residents who feel differently then you. Here’s a hint: they work for a living.

    And they don’t consider themselves victims; which prevents them from being members of the Democrat Party.