Seen & Heard: Update on the New Greenwich Street Hotel

••• I called Western, the developer of the hotel at 456 Greenwich, to see if there was any word about when the project might start in earnest (because it’s been dormant for a while). “We’re anticipating to start in the next 60 days,” was the answer.

••• Tickets are on sale for the Taste of Battery Park City—a benefit for P.S. 89—on April 23: “$35 the day of the event and $25 if purchased in advance.” So do it now! The participating restaurants include one in Tribeca (City Vineyard) and two in FiDi (Eataly and Naya Express).

••• The plywood has come down off the ground floor of Serafina restaurant. (“Love the metal awning!” adds N., who sent over the third photo.)

••• I had no idea that the new four-story building at 229 Hudson was going to be part of the Arlo hotel. It’ll probably have more shop/lobby on the ground floor and administrative offices above.

••• So I guess there’s a hoist in there. I assumed those were always stairs/ladders.

••• I had a baffling telephone conversation with someone at the rental office for Related’s 261 Hudson. I genuinely like the building, but not so much the semi-structure on Renwick, so I called to find out what its purpose is.

Me: I have a question. Wait, are you familiar with the building?
Rep: Yes, I work on the site.
Me: OK, great. I thought maybe you were at a central office. I’ve been wondering, what’s that wall in the back, on the Renwick side?
Rep: Wall?
Me: Yeah, it’s a one-story brick wall.
Rep: That’s the courtyard.
Me: No, I know there’s a landscaped courtyard, but then there’s also a one-story brick wall along Renwick. It has windows in it.
Rep: Maybe it’s not part of our building?
Me: I’m looking at a photo of it right now, and I’m 100% sure it’s part of your building.
Rep: I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Me: Hmm.
Rep: We have some tables out there for people to enjoy, like cabanas.
Me: So I guess the wall is to stop people on the street from looking at residents sitting at the tables.
Rep: OK.
Me: Thanks…?

P.S. I eventually found a rendering that shows it has a trellised roof inside.



  1. thanks for the info about the wall on Renwick. i have to look at it everyday.

  2. What on earth is going on at this site? Who can we call to get them to take down the construction barriers? There is obviously no development going on at this site. The equipment that was previously there has been removed. This has to stop its so egregious.

  3. I dont understand how the hotel at 456 Greenwich can permanently block both Desbrosses and Greenwich Street and not actually build the hotel. How much longer can this last before the city requires there removal?

    • I understand from Councilperson Chin’s office:

      “DOT inspectors have issued stip violations and will be revisiting the site. Their legal department is also looking into it. As of now DOT suspended their permits until they meet to address the issues.”

      We will see whether this translates into the streets and sidewalks being returned to the public for their use anytime soon.

    • The developer can probably block off the sidewalks for as long as it renews the permits and no one complains. Don’t assume someone else will complain, either; you have to do it yourself. (And complaining here will achieve nothing.) At a minimum, the Greenwich and Washington sidewalks should be released from the developer’s custody.

      For this, I’d do all of the following:

      1) Call 311 or use its website to file a complaint, and write down the case number.

      2) Email Community Board 1 about the matter, including the 311 case number, at

      3) Contact the Department of Buildings and the Department of Transportation (links below), because I’m not sure which will care more, if at all, and once again, include that 311 case number.

      —DOB: [I’m seeing if there’s an appropriate number to call or a web page with a form; will update.]

      4) Email Margaret Chin’s community liaison, Paul Leonard, at Again, include the 311 case number, and any correspondence you’ve received from CB1 and the DOB and DOT.