In the News: Exorcism Planned for This Weekend

••• The New York Times reviews the Saks Fifth Avenue women’s store in Brookfield Place.

••• An article about one company’s attempt to democratize good coffee mentions that the Joe café in the World Trade Center mall is expected to open next month. —New York Times

••• “A British scholar insists New York City Hall somehow managed to lose the 19th-century painting on which an Alexander Hamilton stamp was based. How and when the painting was lost—if it ever was—is unclear.” —New York Times

••• “A group of artists and activists is planning a Saturday exorcism of the AT&T [Long Lines] Building in Tribeca where […] the National Security Agency likely controls several floors and surveils communications around the globe.” —Gothamist



  1. Can’t we find a way to keep these nut job activists out of this neighborhood? Let them rant and rave and ruin their own hoods. Not wanted here.