In the News: The Greenwich Hotel’s Back Door

••• The Greenwich Hotel does indeed have an exit on N. Moore, so all those celebrities acting like they don’t want to be shot by paparazzi in front of the hotel are full of it. From a New York Times Magazine profile of musician Lorde: “Now, boots clacking, she led me around the corner and into an elevator, where she fished a stubby key from her pocket. ‘We’re going out a secret way,’ she said, turning a lock on the wall. […] The elevator opened onto a barren nether-floor, where Lorde took a narrow staircase down to a service exit. […] She’d gotten this key from management so that she could come and go without worrying about cameras.”

••• “Downtown prop warehouse needs loading zone to stay in business. […] American Foliage specializes in selling and renting plants, fake or live, to film and television productions, in addition to decorating special events like weddings and bar mitvahs. […] But the main challenge is helping production vehicles find loading space on narrow Ann Street, where parking has been turned over to the commercial vehicles working the numerous construction sites along the roadway.” (Sounds like something to take into consideration before moving…?) A member of Community Board is pressuring the Department of Transportation to expedite approval of a loading zone, while every business owner reading this is like, What about me? Downtown Express

••• The Wall Street Bull sculptor threatened legal action regarding the “Fearless Girl” statue; Bill “Zero Vision” de Blasio offered his support of the corporate advertisement; and New York Times readers debated the issue. “Let’s face it,” commented Lori Battista of East Meadow, N.Y. “Without the bull, she’d be just another cute little bronze figure. Face her toward Gracie Mansion or Albany, where we’ve never had a female mayor or governor.”

••• 111 Murray topped out. —Curbed



  1. It’s almost as though DiBlasio doesn’t understand what the bull is intended to represent.

  2. the back door on north moore is not a secret door anymore!

  3. The North Moore exit isn’t that big of secret. Hence why the paps stand on the corner of N. Moore and Greenwich after they get their daily pic of Malia Obama arriving for work.

  4. The hyper smoothy muscled “bull” sculpture is the cliche’ way Financial Clevers like to think of themselves as they charge around practicing their self deluded scornful schemes. The Classic bull was the Minotaur, the Mythic insight into our divided nature. The Bull was killed in poetry (and in the Ring in Andalucia) to indicate the Human struggle to replace Aggressive Will with Reason, Self Respect and Respect of Others. At least the girl (also a cliche’) represents a hopeful aspiration of an eventual change in our rigid mind set.

  5. An unpublished letter to the Times that I wrote:re:

    Wounded by ‘Fearless Girl,’ Creator of ‘Charging Bull’ Wants Her to Move April 13, 2017

    To the Editor:

    One of the lawyers for the bull’s creator says he hopes that the dispute over the two statues can be resolved amicably. How to do that is easy. Since the bull and the girl were both,
    in the first place, plunked down illegally under cover for darkness on city-owned land without any prior approval by any city agencies, why not just remove them both?