Seen & Heard: Rooftop Trampoline

••• Opening April 20 at Art Projects International: “Soo Im Lee: across time and place, the artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery and features 12 new paintings and select works on paper.” Image courtesy Art Projects International.

••• Someone has had it with 12 Warren, creating a website and Twitter account about his/her dislike of the new building.

••• While someone else has a fantastic rooftop trampoline. (Thanks to C. for the photo.) I wanna come over!

••• Here’s a peek at the work going on at 11 Greene, the residential building under construction at the northwest corner of Greene and Canal. Rendering here.

••• While walking yesterday, I took photos of all the parking placards I came across—and they were plentiful. (This was maybe three or four blocks.) All were parked in spots that were either no parking, for truck loading/unloading only, or metered. I don’t really have a new point here other than the problem is pervasive, and politicians who claim to care about small businesses and residents should do something about it. Related: The Twitter account @placardabuse is one person’s highly entertaining and probably quixotic mission to get the corruption addressed.



  1. Oh wow. All those cars from one day?!

  2. From one 15-minute stretch of walking a few blocks of W. Broadway, Duane, Reade….

    • It’s equally as bad over on Spruce/Beekman/Gold with EMS, Doctors, Volunteer Fire, and City Admin. Funny cause the hospital owns the basement parking in Spruce Street but choose to monetize it rather than give employees parking.

  3. Don’t forget fire hydrants. This morning, a dark blue/black Jeep parked too close to a fire hydrant on Varick Street at the SE corner of Varick and N. Moore, NYS plate GYG5281 (VIN ending 7589) with genuine NYPD parking placard # 5740120.

    • The Fresh Direct truck is permanently parked in front of the fire hydrant near Franklin Station. This is a serious hazard and liability.

  4. There are so many different designs, I’ve always wondered…what’s to stop someone from making up a knock-off and putting on their dashboard and parking for free?

  5. Omigod! Enough already. Fresh Direct has to park (temporarily) some where for goodness sakes. As for the NYPD and FDNY…not sure I would go there.
    I have an idea; why don’t you all go to the South Bronx for the day and give the locals some fresh ideas.
    I get it people I do but I also don’t. I would rather have a cop take a parking space than an extension of Happy Coffee or whatever it is called.
    An exception of course is for the Mom whose child was almost hit by a fireman…that is not good.

    • It undermines the legitimate authority of law enforcement for the NYPD to turn a blind eye to (i) the use by law enforcement officers (and others) of counterfeit and illegitimate union placards and (ii) the abuse of legitimate placards by law enforcement officers parking in illegal spaces, blocking fire hydrants and crosswalks, etc. “Do as I say, not as I do” theory of law enforcement is hardly a sound basis for a civil society.

      That is a separate issue from whether there are too many legitimate placards issued by city government. Politicians are being two-faced by claiming to be for the environment (e.g., by instituting fees for plastic bags) while helping to pollute the environment (and make traffic worse) by continuing to subsidize parking, and thus encourage the use of automobiles, by civil servants bearing government-issued placards.