Seen & Heard: Acappella Closed for Renovation

••• Lovely drawing of Bogardus Plaza by Gavin Snider.

••• Acappella is closed for renovation the restaurant expects to reopen May 1.

••• The upper façade of 70 Vestry is being applied.

••• Opening April 20 at Steven Amedee: Stratigraphies by Adrian Coleman, “a Brooklyn-based painter trained as an architect. He depicts the city as stratigraphy. His cross-sectional paintings are landscapes of competing layers and histories: the disjunction of built and natural environments, the friction of classes, the anomalies of gentrification, decay, and nostalgia. His large scale watercolor paintings refer to the “picturesque” tradition of documented ruins. This historical aesthetic, of patinas and rugged deterioration, has evolved sentimental connotations. The dissections of graffitied and partial construction suggest real and imagined archaeologies.”

••• I’m often amused by people venting about businesses on Twitter—heaven knows I’ve done it—and Whole Foods is a frequent target. The takeaway from the exchange below: Do it right and you can get a $25 gift card.

••• While taking a walk around Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, I came across the statue, “Civic Virtue,” originally commissioned for the fountain at City Hall Park. Deemed misogynistic because the man is standing over two women (serpent-tailed sirens, to be precise). How it ended up in the cemetery is an interesting read. Two tidbits from the tale: “Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia […] called it ‘Fat Boy,’ and resented being confronted with the male figure’s naked buttocks each day as he left City Hall,” while “Anthony Weiner, in the first public event of his unsuccessful campaign for mayor of New York City, held a February 25, 2011, press conference at the fountain and decried its depiction of women. He demanded its removal, even its sale on Craigslist.”



  1. “Civic Virtue” was a fixture of my childhood in Queens. For 17 years or so I looked at it every day. While I find the critique fully legitimate, my feeling toward it is gratitude, because it allowed a little boy to stare at nekkid ladies. Because, you know, it’s art.

  2. Acappella “closed for renovations”? Really? Three weeks ago I made a reservation for Saturday April 22nd. (THIS SATURDAY) This was to be a very special evening. This is a “high end” restaurant. Does anyone really believe they would “close for renovations” and couldn’t even be bothered to call people who booked way in advance? Hmmmm. Something smells very fishy here, and it’s NOT a menu item! Shame on them! Fortunately I saw this story and was able to re-book elsewhere for this Saturday.

  3. Forgot to say I made the resy on Open Table, so no way they didn’t know!