Seen & Heard: Tribeca Honey

••• New York Academy of Art’s Open Studios event is this Friday.

••• From B.: “I thought you might be interested in this jar of honey I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday. The vendor has honey from various neighborhoods around the city, based on the theory that allergy sufferers should consume honey made as close to their home as possible. He said this comes from a private rooftop on Warren around Broadway, which is a block away from me. Our allergies are pretty bad so I figured it’s worth a try!”

••• When I popped into Verve Wine to pick up a can of Ramona—the buzzed-about white wine and grapefruit cooler—I learned Verve is opening a second store, in San Francisco.

••• There’s an Earth Day rally at noon this Saturday, April 22, in Foley Square to protest the Trump administration’s climate agenda.

••• 60 Hudson put up a new “Tribeca” sign in one of its Hudson Street windows. Two questions: What’s with all the non-Tribeca stuff—World Trade Center, Brookfield Place, Nobu—in the photos? And maybe donating it to a local non-profit would be nicer?



  1. Let me know if the honey works. Please, please, please!

    • I only had my first spoonful today but I felt pretty good all day! I’ll try to remember to update in a few days.

    • i don’t know anything about this particular honey but the remedy is tried and true. bee pollen is even better than honey but it is an acquired taste. you need to start taking it over the summer to develop immunity for the following spring. it took my daughter about a year and a half to get rid of 90% of her spring allergies. she takes “elixir” which is mostly raw honey with a little bee pollen mixed in. i’ve been taking straight bee pollen every day for years. i recommend tremblay aviaries. they have a stand at the north end of union square park on saturdays.