Montessori School of Manhattan Is Closing Its Tribeca Campus

Montessori School of Manhattan is closing its Beach Street campus. Here’s the letter from Bridie L. Gauthier, the Head of Schools:

I am writing today with shocking and devastating news. After months of negotiations, with great regret, we have just been informed that the school’s lease for the coming 2017-2018 school year will not be renewed and the Tribeca campus will close permanently on June 16th, 2017.

The school is home to some of the most wonderful teachers, students, and families in New York City and please be assured that we have exhausted every available option to remain at our beloved campus. It is our highest priority to take care of all MSM families and children and all currently contracted spaces will be honored at our 2 Gold St. location for the upcoming school year. As difficult as it is for everyone to part with our beautiful Beach St. campus, we know that you will be even more delighted with the larger campus, full gym, and specialty rooms that Gold St. offers. […]

We are all shocked and deeply saddened by this decision. I wish I was not bringing you this news and I want you to know that we are here to offer support and answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to call, email, or speak with us in person at the upcoming annual auction. From everyone at MSM, we thank you for your patronage through the years and for your patience, support, and understanding during this time of transition.

It’s especially odd since the school had been working on an expansion in the space.



  1. Tribeca is becoming more and more of a ghost town with everyone leaving due to landlord greed. It isn’t vibrant anymore. I’m also thinking of a change — moving to a neighborhood that’s more fun — with little taquerias and good restaurants, a mix of people other than parents with strollers, galleries as well as graffiti. A neighborhood with more than schools and empty storefronts.

  2. If you’ve been shabbily treated by this school, please comment below.

    I can’t imagine a school administration less responsive to parents than this one. Ms. Ramey in particular did a huge disservice to the school. There were some excellent teachers here who truly cared, but the head of school was largely absent and out of view and unfortunately she left a horrific deputy in charge who brings to mind Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda.

    • Sophie,

      You’re not the only one and i’m sure that many would comment, but just don’t want to put their kid in the spotlight considering there is one more month of school left.
      This school is indeed a shady business with a shady and unprofessional administration starting from Bridie Gauthier to Ramey to some teachers that are not that superb as advertised by the administration.

      For starters, in Bridie’s initial email and many emails after that, she has not had the decency to mention once that they will be returning parents’ their deposits for the school year to come ($5000!), but instead has been heavily marketing their other location (horrible cold place on Gold St) as a solution for all kids that are left stranded with no school options.
      Also if you “dare” as a Tribeca millionaire that you’re ought to be ask for the refund of your deposit (for a school that no longer exists), you will be disappointing the administration as they will make you aware that you are actively choosing to have a teacher lose her job over just getting your toddler child in a random bus to send him to a school you didn’t chose (Gold St!).

      Now regarding their shady lease, I also agree with the above article that it is weird that they suddenly lost their lease when they have been promising us a gym for the kids since last year, which “justified” the scaffolding and never-ending work going on there.

      Cherry on top of it all, Bridie has showed up to school for the first time this year 2 days in a row to welcome parents to school (and hope someone will show up to their unsuccessful auction), when we’re usually welcomed by a guard on a day to day basis, and have dealt with an absent administration all year long.

      This is only the surface of all other things happening in that sad place that promotes autonomy but shuts down self-expression and transparency.
      I can’t wait for my child to finish the school year, and have that place shut down forever.

      Two thumbs down.

    • As a former parent this is sad to hear, but not shocking. The head of the school was always clearly not interested in the school and the kids. Shady? Very shady to say the least. How could they suddenly loose their lease? Isn’t the owner of the school also the owner of the building?

  3. The renovations at this building were originally touted as an expansion for the school. However, the upper floors have been gutted and a full rooftop unit constructed. I just assume it is going residential, but foes anybody have an update on what is to become of this building now that the school is leaving?

  4. Has the Gold St location also now closed? Website and phones are down.