In the News: Steven Alan Retrenches

••• There have apparently been rumors that Steven Alan is closing up shop, but he tells the Business of Fashion (via the Cut) that it’s not so. Instead, he’s “restructuring his business to focus on his own collection of apparel and accessories as part of a three-year streamlining plan. […] The priority is to shift the focus of the business onto the namesake collection, which originally launched with men’s shirting in 2000. […] Historically, the collection of apparel, accessories and home goods represented 30 percent of the business. Currently it accounts for 55 percent. Alan’s goal is to get it to 70 percent. […] While there are no current plans to close more directly owned stores,”—the home shop in Brooklyn was shuttered—”Alan says that he is ‘looking at all aspects of the company to figure out what makes the most sense to focus on.'”

••• A GoFundMe drive has been set up to send food-cart vendor Kabir Ahmed (recently profiled in the New York Times) and his family on a Caribbean cruise. —Grub Street

••• “Downtown Little League Celebrates 25 Years in a Community That Has Survived a Few Curveballs.” —Broadsheet

••• New York Spaces loft-peeps the townhouse of Charles and Irene Mamiye.



  1. Please join Dr.lewis Gross, the founder and president for the first 10 years on celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Downtown Litlle League tomorrow at 9AM. We are the largest and most successful volunteer parent run sports organization in the entire state. TriBeCa residential popularity was founded on this program.

  2. I think it’s a bit skeevy the couple kept the bed DSK slept in while on house arrest. If you can pay 15m for a townhouse in tribeca- you can buy a new bed.