Seen & Heard: Rumored Grocery/Restaurant

••• There’s work going on in the L-shaped retail space at 90 Hudson that was home to Douglas Elliman before it moved to Franklin. I heard an interesting rumor that a grocery/restaurant was taking at least some of the space, but I haven’t been able to confirm it. Obviously, if you know anything, we’d all love to hear it…. UPDATE: A reader who lives in 90 Hudson says another rumor has CVS taking the space.

••• The guys at Downtown Wine & Liquors, in the other 90 Hudson retail space, said they don’t know anything about who might be coming in. They also said they’ll be around until the inventory gets sold; it’s all 30% off, and there’s still quite a bit of good stuff.

••• Anyone out there live in 90 Hudson, 1 Worth, or 10 Leonard? I have a Nosy Neighbor question that needs input. (Not related to the above!) Please email or text 917-209-6473. Anonymity guaranteed. UPDATE: Got what I needed.

••• Whatever is happening at  the former American Flatbread space (205 Hudson)—a liquor-license alteration was on Community Board 1’s agenda, then withdrawn—involves carving up the room, as you can see in this photo. The Department of Buildings permit mentions “interior renovation of 1st floor and cellar eating and drinking establishment to include new exterior signage, new ceilings, lighting, finishes, and minor plumbing changes.”

••• The best thing about the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place is the abundant light and space. Where’s my Bag Snagger?



  1. I keep thinking that installation is still being installed, but they seem to be done. It feels smothering

  2. this might be delayed intel, but i just saw this morning a wework designed window decal on the american flatbread space on the canal facing windows.