Seen & Heard: Work to Start Soon on Bogardus Plaza

••• A reader noticed this sign at the former American Flatbread space; Trigger House is a marketing agency, and it’s organizing a private two-day pop-up there. I don’t know whether this related to the recent effort to amend the liquor license.

••• Work is finally about to start at Bogardus Plaza: “The official start date of the contract [with the contractor] is today, though we won’t see any folks on the ground until all permits have been obtained, which will likely be a few weeks,” says Victoria Weil of Friends of Bogardus Plaza. “I’ll have a better idea of the schedule once we get a pre-construction meeting. The length of the contract is 18 months.” (If you’re new to this topic, the plan is to combine the garden and street plaza into one park; there’s more info in the graphic.

••• What’s new at this year’s Taste of Tribeca (on May 20): “A raffle to win a new 2015 Vespa Sprint 50 scooter, courtesy of Vespa Manhattan. Raffle tickets are available now online and will also be sold at Vespa Manhattan’s booth at Taste of Tribeca. And there will be a series of interactive pasta-making stations for kids led by chefs from Eataly.” As they say back in the old country, give a kid some pasta and you feed him for a few hours; teach a kid to make pasta and he’ll be useful for years.

••• Good news from FiDi.

••• Spotted this morning on Warren. Let’s hope it’s from this past Christmas.



  1. Thanks and congratulations to the Friends of Bogardus for effecting the transformation of a concrete triangle with a few trees between two busy streets into to a beautiful oasis! We can’t wait.

  2. I LOVE that this work is being done for the park. Love it – but man – 18 months?! For some perspective, the Empire State Building was built in one year, 45 days.

  3. Whoever goes into that space on the corner could really take advantage of this upgraded square. Ive always been so inspired by the spring bulbs here…one of my favorite squares in the neighborhood!

  4. This is a great spot as is. I feel cranky about eighteen months of more construction on that corner.