A Reprieve for Soho Rep

Last September, the Soho Rep theater company was forced to abruptly leave its home at 46 Walker because it had long been running afoul of city regulations. “The certificate of occupancy issued in 1996 shows the legal use on the 1st floor being a store with max occupancy 10 people,” helpfully explained James. “That said, the building filed and actually got DoB approval in 1991 to amend the C of O for some kind of theater use. They apparently never finished the work and never obtained the theater C of O to legally conduct business under that use.”

Now, in a testament to the power of friends in high places, Soho Rep is moving back. From the New York Times:

“It would have been a travesty if Soho Rep would have had to leave that location after 25 years,” said Julie Menin, commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. “They are a downtown beacon, and to have them believe they have to close because they can’t address city rules and regulations—that’s something we never want to see.” Menin persuaded the city’s buildings commissioner, Rick Chandler, to visit the theater, and together they resolved the compliance issues. The theater company needs to do some renovations—among other issues, upgrade the sprinkler system—and should then be able to move back next spring.

In its announcement, Soho Rep said that it’s “also finalizing a lease extension through 2022 and will continue to search for a permanent home in New York City.”


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  1. That’s good news!
    We need to take care of our all too few performing arts establishments in the neighborhood