Seen & Heard: Bortolami Gallery Opening Date

••• On May 12, the Bortolami Gallery will open in its new home at 39 Walker—it’s moving from Chelsea—with a show by Daniel Buren. Below: An in-progress shot of the space.

••• The TV show “Bull” is back shooting in the Warren/W. Broadway vicinity on Friday. If the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment really does give certain areas a break from filming every now and then, this area is overdue.

••• Simit + Smith, the Turkish bakery on Worth (between Broadway and Lafayette), has closed. I suspect it closed a while ago—that’s a block I rarely walk down.

••• I was looking on OpenTable the other night, and it lists City Vineyard in the West Village and Schilling in Tribeca. What’s the point of the site if you can’t sort accurately by neighborhood?

••• Three new shows open May 2 at Alexander and Bonin. One: “Summer and Winter, an exhibition of recent paintings, drawings and watercolors by Sylvia Plimack Mangold will be presented in the main gallery. Beginning in the late 1970s, Plimack Mangold focused her attention on the landscape around her property in Washingtonville, New York, and eventually to individual trees. Working from direct observation, Plimack Mangold has painted the maple tree outside her studio window in the summer and winter over successive years.” Two: “Want, an exhibition of new sculpture by Robert Kinmont, will be on view on the lower level. Kinmont grew up in the desert near Bishop, CA and has lived most of his adult life in northern California. These rural environments have provided the practical and conceptual foundation for his work, exemplified by his recurrent use of commonplace and natural materials such as wood, pine, and dirt. Kinmont uses these modest materials to explore the relationship between the environment and his own body and life.” Three: “Willie Doherty’s No Return (2017), a single channel projection, will be installed in the video gallery.  No Return was shot in Braddock, a town once known as the “cradle of Western Pennsylvania’s steel industry,” before suffering from its collapse in the 1980s. While the work engages with the landscape as it looks today, it also approaches it as both a repository for the memories of past experiences and a witness to the ravages of socio-economic change.” Below: “Summer Maple Detail” by Sylvia Plimack Mangold.


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  1. I’ve encountered a handful of OpenTable location quirks. The biggest of which is “Rosa Mexicano – Tribeca” which is listed in Chelsea on OpenTable.